Carer Benefits

Firstly - yes, the best salary in the UK ! We pay £20 an hour and on top of that you'll be fully supported by the platform in the industry and (we like to think) the best team in the UK.

With over twenty years in this industry, we know that Carers should be :

  • Fully supported
  • Not feel isolated
  • Have access to scheduled visits and client information
  • Be well paid and rewarded

When these four main goals are achieved, we have Happy Carers. And Happy Carers give better service. 

The software platform we use to underpin the business ensures no case (issue, concern, task etc) goes open-ended...that is, it wont simply be logged and left to rot. The system will chase and chase until resolvement is acheived - ensuring satisfaction for all parties. If only the NHS had a system like this....we are way ahead.

Good salary, happy environment and full supported...these are what good Carers deserve.

Submit your application now - its time you joined the best team in the UK.